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Hornets 8 Results

We CAN compete with Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb and all the rest of Metro Atlanta! Today’s results prove that FCHS Men’s and Women’s Track and Field teams can compete with the best is Georgia. To say your coaches are excited is an understatement. Today we set 3 School Records and recorded 20 Personal Records!! Complete results are below and once again, Great Job! Our record now stands at 9-2.

Women’s High Jump = Talia Genesco, 1st Place, Personal Record

Women’s High Jump = Sonja Bochonko, 4th Place, Personal Record

Men’s High Jump = Dallas Partridge, 4th Place

Men’s Pole Vault = Hunter Cagle, 3rd Place, School Record 13’ 3”

Men’s Pole Vault = Kyle Hawthorne, 8th Place, Personal Record

Women’s Long Jump = Laney Kronz, 2nd Place

Women’s Long Jump = Kaylee Boxer, 5th Place, Personal Record

Men’s Long Jump = Dalton Edmunds, 4th Place

Women’s Triple Jump = Maddie McKnight, 3rd Place

Women’s Discus = Ansley Moody, 5th Place

Men’s Discus = C.C. Clark, 3rd Place, Personal Record

Men’s Discus = Devran Orsan, 6th Place, Personal Record

Men’s Discus = Garrett Nash, 8th Place

Women’s Shot Put = Lauren Johnson, 3rd Place

Women’s Shot Put = Brittany McKnight, 8th Place, Personal Record

Men’s Shot Put = Devran Orsan, 3rd, Personal Record

Men’s Shot Put = C.C. Clark, 5th Place, Personal Record

Men’s 1600 Relay = Eli Smith, Roy Harkins, Lachlan Yarbrough, Calan Gizelbach = 1st, School Record

Men’s 800 Relay = Hayden Seay, Gabriel Fulbright, Nick Lozen, Stephen Reynolds, 3rd

Women’s 40 Yard Dash = Shekinah Duffin, 2nd Place, School Record

Women’s 100 Relay = Shekinah Duffin, Caroline Young, Kaylee Boxer, Laney Kronz = 4th Place

Men’s 100 Relay = Hunter Cagle, Namiah Howard, Warren Walker, Garrison Carver = 8th Place

Women’s 1600 = Caitlyn Sylvestre, 7th Place, Personal Record

Men’s 1600 = Calan Gizelbach, 6th Place

Men’s 1600 = Eli Smith, 7th Place

Women’s 400 = Keeley Whitmer, 4th Place, Personal Record

Women’s 100 = Shekinah Duffin, 7th Place

Women’s 100 Hurdles = Laney Kronz, 2nd Place

Women’s 100 Hurdles = Maddie McKnight, 3rd Place

Men’s 110 Hurdles = Brad Thiltgen, 1st Place

Men’s 110 Hurdles = Trent Fields, 8th Place

Women’s 800 = Keeley Whitmer, 3rd, Personal Record

Men’s 800 = Roy Harkins, 6th Place

Lachlan Yarbrough = 8th Place

Women’s 300 Hurdles = Laney Kronz, 2nd Place

Women’s 300 Hurdles = Maddie McKnight, 4th Place

Men’s 300 Hurdles = Brad Thiltgen, 5th Place

Women’s DMR = Caroline Young, Averi Barinowski, Keeley Whitmer, Caitlyn Sylvestre, 4th Place

Men’s DMR = Brendan O’Sullivan, Nick Lozen, Jack Moran, Cameron Moore, 8th Place

Women’s 400 Relay = Averi Barinowski, Shekinah Duffin, Caroline Young, Keeley Whitmer, 6th Place

Men’s 400 Relay = Brendan O’Sullivan, Lachlan Yarbrough, Hayden Seay, Roy Harkins, 4th Place